A Plan for Oxted for the next five years

We are seeking the support of businesses in Oxted and encouraging you to vote YES for the BID to continue so that we can work together as a business community, make a difference and create a business environment where businesses don’t just survive, they thrive.

The Business Plan for Oxted for the next five years focuses on the five key areas of:

  • Sustainability

  • Digital Transformation

  • Marketing & Events

  • An Attractive Town

  • Business Support

Download the BID Business plan here

Vote YES for a business-funded investment in Oxted, led by business for business

By voting YES for the BID, you will secure an investment of £560,000 in Oxted over the next five years. This level of investment will not come from central government or local councils. Love Oxted is funded entirely by businesses in the town with 56% businesses contributing less than £1 a day.

Voting YES means you can ensure this investment is spent on things that matter to you to benefit your business.

Voting YES to the BID will enable you to meet the challenges of a climate emergency, develop strong digital competencies and ensure funding is allocated to improve Oxted in the interests of businesses in the town.

The UK high street has undergone dramatic change since the Business Improvement District, Love Oxted, was formed in 2015. Back then no-one could foresee what lay ahead, particularly the current pandemic and the concern and uncertainty this has created for businesses. As we emerge from the pandemic, working together as a business community will be more important than ever to face the challenges and benefit from future opportunities.

You will soon receive your ballot paper to vote for the Oxted Business Improvement District, Love Oxted. Voting YES means we can work together to make improvements to Oxted that enable your business to thrive, not just survive.

If you are a business in the BID area, want to get involved or have any queries, please do attend one of our drop-in sessions or get in touch via our BID Manager, Tracey and email tracey@loveoxted.co.uk